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I just want to know if Constant Contact can make a committment to us by giving us a date in which:


1. You bring back the good previous Contact Management System, or

2. If not possible, when would you be able to fix all the problems of this new contact management system.


Can you make a committment to your customers?


Hannah, Jared, and the team that answers these questions -  is not for you, you are doing your best here to answer to us.  The question is directed to your high level management.  Can you please send them this reasonable question?





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I think the high level management is responsible for the abomination they have released on us. 


There is not a shred of concern for the customer in the design of this irrational, hard to use, time-consuming set of near-useless tools. There is little evidence of competent, let alone professional, software design in this piece of garbage. I have had two-year college students who could do better than this after a one-semester course in Microsoft Access. 


It is SO hard to switch companies, but things take so long to accomplish in this "system", and the export/import scheme is so bad, that it's looking more attractive to just find another provider and switch. 

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Hello Lucia and Lou,


I am sorry that you are un-happy with our new contact features, we are trying to address everyone's wants, needs and product issues as quick as possible. Just like any software company when there are major changes or upgrades to any type of product there are always growing pains, as time goes we will continue to fix, enhance and add to our new contact features. This upgrade is part of alot more product enchancements coming in the future, which I am sure you will like. If there is any feedback or issues you would like to address, please DM me directly.





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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your reply.


Can you please tell us what has been fixed since you launched this system?  As far as I know, the only thing that has been fixed is the possibility of sorting the lists by date.


It is not just a  matter of being "un-happy" - it is not an emotional problem.  It is a factual problem because this new system was poorly designed .  The change was implemented in one of my accounts on 7 July 2013 - for 2 months I was unable to use it because the autoresponder system broke.


Now we have a new subscribers form that is not good as it is not editable and cannot put the basic questions in Spanish. 


All these failures come as a consequence of the change. 


I started to use Constant Contact in 2006 and at that time you were making some adjustments to accept Spanish characters.  You figured it out very well so I have been very pleased using your services because of the flexibility (ability to edit the fields).


Also, we used to have the ability to sort the lists through the List Properties.  We were able to export the contacts in an easily way and get a column for each of the categories that the contact was subscribed to.  We could also see the date in which the contact joined the list - this is very important for those who have dynamic lists and move contacts from list to list.


We could also easily see the contact engagement situation with a nice, neat table that gave us, in one line, the name of the email, opened date, clicked situation.  Now we have a long spaghetti area that is impossible to detect if the contact opened the messages - and then we could decide what to do about this activity.


I am glad to read that you are working hard to make the changes and enhancements.  Can you tell us when are we going to have an efficient system that takes into account the good services that you provided in the past?







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