Remove Autofil on Email Addresses

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When I send out an email to a large amount of contacts, I usually have to manually go through the automatic responses to confirm if it's just an "out of office" or if it's a "no longer with company" response. I manually have to enter the email addresses one-by-one to remove them from the contact list. 


When I use the "search contact" function, the email address automatically gets saved and I can't edit it. But I have to remove the brackets and name from the email I have copied and pasted from the header (because that's the only way to grab the email other than manually typing it in). The pasted text turns into an un-editable box so quickly that I don't have a chance to remove the brackets and name from the email address. 


Why does it have to turn into a box? Why can't the email address just stay as text? I don't see the added benefit. 

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