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Remove List Function

Remove List Function

Can't figure out how to remove a list of contacts from another list. Chat support can't explain it either, and call support is taking too long. It used to be so easy. Very disappointed in Constant Contact.

I write again to please ask you to return the field that you used to have that allowed a list owner to dump in email addresses for removal. This process was SO simple and so easy and now, instead this is what I have to do: 1) Upload list to be removed. 2) Find account is locked down because the upload has triggered a list review - go through process of list review. 3) Create duplicate list to temporarily remove the people I don't want to mail this particular message to. 4) Call Constant Contact in order to remove them using the "add to list" function because, due to a bug in the system I cannot see the lines and check marks on the boxes (and, yes, I have tried different browsers, 3 to be precise). 5) Go through the painful process of explaining to a support rep why I am calling and then talk them through what I want done. 6) Then go through the even more painful process of removing the email addresses that I've just uploaded but without removing those that are already on a list, which involves deleting the list but keeping the contacts and then going to Advanced search to create a list of all those who are not on any list and removing them. All that, and an hour of wasted time just because there's no ability to dump in email addresses to remove anymore!
For the first few years we were with you all, I could remove one list of contacts from another, without removing them from the account. We have lists of emails for players currently sign up. When we send emails to our mailing list, we want to make sure none of the current registrants get these emails. In order to do that now, we have to delete a list of contacts from the entire account, which also deletes all of the contacts in the lists with current registrants. This is a major headache for us that increases each year as we have grown from 100 camps when we started with CC to more than 200.
Would be nice to access the remove from lists from the email lists function so you can select several lists and remove or add them all at once instead of having to do so individually...
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I need to send an email to folks who have NOT renewed.  There is no way for me to email just the people from the 2014-15 Members List who are NOT in the 2015-16 Members List in order to send them a membership renewal appeal.


It's a real handicap not to be able to target emails more specifically.  Mail Chimp was much more useful in this regard.

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Thanks for posting this feedback! The workaround for this currently would be to select the contacts in the 2014-15 Members List, click Manage Lists > Remove From Lists and then check off the 2015-16 Members List. This will leave you with the people who are not in the second list. 


An alternative worth looking into would be tags. This is a private tag you can add to each contact, almost as a subcategory. If you tagged contacts with Membership dates, like "2015" you could send to everyone and narrow by tag.


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