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Removing contacts from list causes account to go into different price bracket

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Following up on my earlier comments and those of others about how unwieldy it now is to remove people from lists (instead of just copy/pasting into the remove field having to create a whole new list) - not only is this a pain to do but, because your pricing system automatically resets to the max number of contacts on the list, irrespective of whether those people have been mailed, I end up in the wrong pricing category and have to call in to get it reset. For example - we maintain 3 different accounts with Constant Contact as it is not appropriate for those on one list to have the option of subscribing to some of the other lists (and the last time I checked there was no way to compartmentalize within an account thus we have to keep them separate.) But there is some overlap between these lists so sometimes I have to de-duplicate before mailing - and to do this I now have to import emails from one list into another (instead of just pasting into the remove field). It is this process that leads to the accounting issue.

Thanks for posting. I can understand the frustration this has caused. I want to clarify one thing--a contact can exist in multiple lists in the same account but only count toward billing once. If you are moving between accounts you could see the total active contact count increase though.

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