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Hi, We use constant contact to send promotional emails to our customers and have collected quite a list over the years. I see that a large% of the do not even open and I can see this list, but do not have the option to list them by date entered to remove the oldest ones. So in simple terms, provide the same option on the did not open page to see date an email was entered, similar to the page when I can see all my contacts. Please feel free to call me at ***Removed by mod***, if I am not clear. Thanks, Ganesh. PS: Hopefully there is an easy solution, cause this can save me sending emails to the 10,000 people on the list, only to see less than 1000 people open it.


Thanks for posting. You can sort all your contacts by the date they were added to the account but this is not list specific. To do this just change the view on the list!

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If you are working off of the Did Not Open contacts you could tag them, add them to a new list and them export them with all of their information to sort further in excel if you wanted.

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