Replacing data in wrong category with blank data

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When a constant contact upgrade occurred much of the data i had in the contact list was assigned to the wrong category. For example, the physical mailing addresses were assigned to 'other' rather than 'work'. It was my understanding from talking to a CC rep that removing data in a category would blank out the data in that category So i exported all of the contacts and their information and cleaned up the list by putting all of the information in the correct categories. Unfortunately, the data in the wrong categories was not blanked out. I would like blanking out data to be a function of CC. Since I have over 11,000 contacts, manually changing the category is out of the question. The only other way to correct the categories is to delete all of the contacts and reload them but then i lose all of my reporting data by doing so.
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Thanks for posting your feedback, I am sorry to hear you have had such a frustrating time. A blank option would be helpful for situation like this!

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