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I have been waiting for 15 minutes to download a report of bounces - there are only 9. I am also in another browser at the same time trying to get a report on 600 bounces - taking just as long. Nothing's happening. I've tried this twice now. Going out and coming back in. I don't have time to waste like this! I have also been on hold for over 5 minutes already on the phone to find out what's going on. You need bigger servers or something, because you probably can't handle the volume! How do I explain to my 22 bosses that they can't get their reports tonight?!

Hi @GabrielleK43487 

I am very sorry to hear of this frustration. It sounds like this may have been at the same time we were experiencing an issue on the site. This was resolved quickly so I hope you were able to complete the export as needed.


For future reference, we've got a website that we keep updated with outages for you to check.

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