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It would be great if we could give the URL link a short name when creating the link in Campaigns so that when we look at the report for click throughs, it would either display the image the click through was associated with or list the short name that was assigned to it. That way we could quickly see which link we're reviewing. Currently it just shows the URL of the link and we have to click through it to see which link its referring to. THANKS!

Thank you for providing your feedback on our reporting click-through feature. I understand how this feature could be very useful.

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Hello, On the reporting page of an email/campaign when you view the click report (to see the visual representation of the email and the links which were clicked) it only shows the links with the top three clicks. Because I will link to the same URL multiple times in the same email (sometimes a jpeg sometimes text) I would really love if this click report can show me all the clicks for each link and not only the top three. I know that I am able to see a detailed report that lists all the link and how many times (and who) clicked on it, but this doesn't help me as much as the visual aspect of the click report. Also - two separate suggestions. I'd love to be able to do A/B testing for emails, does this. Meaning you can separate your list for a specific email and have half go out at one time and half at another (to test open rates vs. time) or even with a different email title so see which got a better response. Also - I'd love to be able to use emoji!!!!! Thanks, Grace click report, top clicks

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