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The new system for adding contacts is deeply flawed.  You have replaced a system that worked easily and effortlessly with a system that is actually unworkable.  It is hard to read and impossible to just add a new list and add contacts to it.  What is added seems to erase itself.  It is so deeply flawed that your own staff doesn't know how to work it.  You really need to go back to what worked so well - or, at least, make this work.  If I can't add contacts, the whole system becomes pretty useless.



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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that you are finding the new system unworkable. Would you mind providing more information about the process you were following when the lists seemed to "erase" themselves? Are you creating new lists and then having trouble locating them in the view on the left side of the contacts page? With more information, I'd be happy to look into what may be happening here.
I much prefer the way you used to list 'opens' by time, not alphabetically. By time allows me to quickly go in and see who has opened since I last looked. Alphabetically means I must go through the entire list which is far too time consuming.

Thanks, Ann!

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