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As a long-time (5 year) Constant Contact user, I have to say I'm very disappointed with the new contact reports and activities. The reports show inflated contact numbers, including all of the contacts that we have uploaded, many of which do not have email addresses (and in the old system, it was nice to be able to just upload lists with all of our contacts' names and know that only the email contacts would be added... it'd be nice to have that as an option rather than an automatic add everyone kind of feature). There is no way for me to know how many new active contacts I've gotten, and I have to manually count per month (the last 30 days, etc. feature is worthless to me... I need to know numbers by month). Also, the activity section is a complete step back by only showing the last 7 days of activity. If at least the activity feature worked, I could maybe peek through old additions and see what I added and when. Both of these "new features" are complete steps back. You say that "You’ll be able to do everything you’ve always done", but that is not true at all. You basically broke what didn't need fixing. I know all new features take time to adjust, but I can't even use this feature in any beneficial way for my client. I hope you will make changes to this and return it to its former glory. Thanks!
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Hi  DanielleT94468 , 

Thanks for your feedback. You're right about adding contacts without email address, this can be a difficult feature. One thing to note, if the contacts don't have email addresses attached they won't be added to your mailing list but would be added to the account. 

Are you looking for the date the contact was added? This is still available when you view individual contacts or export a list from the account. 

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