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When trying to access Click Through Data or other data in the email reports, Ihave been getting the following error message: "Request Entity Too Large." What does this mean? How does it get fixed? I need his data and if you can't fix it, I will have to consider alternatives.
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I am trying to build a list of people who click on a specific link in my email. I follow the directions on the website, but when I click the hyper-linked number in the "Unique Clicks" for the link URL I want to view, all I get is an error that says Request entry too large. We are talking about 20 names......what am I doing wrong?

Hi @RobinH44527

I am sorry to hear this is happening. We're aware of this error showing for some users and working toward a resolution. Although I don't have a timeframe at this moment I will update this thread when I have more information.



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Thanks for posting about this! We're working to get this resolved. Stay tuned!

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