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Resending A Newsletter isn't sending to everyone

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Resending A Newsletter isn't sending to everyone

In the past, when I resent a newsletter out to new contacts, it would report how many people it was going to. It was good feedback because I knew that I had just entered X new contacts and it was sending the newsletter out to X contacts. It no longer does this and this is a real problem! I don't know if I make a mistake in entering them, or just got busy and didn't finish entering them. It now just says the resend is going out to my contact list. All of them? Some of them? How many? I'm in the dark with this new "feature" and this change has not enhanced your system or my business, it has hurt it.

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With the allowance of duplicates we MUST be able to see which contacts will be receiving a resent email to contacts added to a list. This VITAL function was available in the old system but not available now.
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Thanks for your feedback on this Dave. Only the number of new people in the list will show, not the actually people but there is a workaround. You can always enter the email address to resend to on the resend screen if you want to know who it's going to. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts on this.
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Sorry to be grumpy Hannah, but here is the deal. If I knew the email address to resend to I would not need to ask the question! In the old system you were given a list of the resends. In the new system you are only given a number, and in some cases only the lists. I need to know the resends to avoid the possibility of mailing to someone who has been added to a list but should not receive.

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Thank you for posting. I'm sorry for the confusion here. It should still let you know how many new people it will be sent to once you're on the scheduling page of the resending process. It should look like the below. Is this not showing for you? If not, would you mind reporting back with what the message says when you are on this page? Thanks.



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I have new emails list that I just loaded that havent recieved latest campaign. I dont want to resend to previous recipents. I cant find that new list after it was added it says I have more than I did so now they are all blended I guess
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Status changed to: New
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When resending an email to the "new contacts" who have been added to a list, I want to see exactly which contacts are the new ones who will be receiving the email.


In the old CC system, when stepping through the "resend email" process, if we chose the option to send to "New contacts since last email was sent", it told us how many contacts this is, AND we could see a list of the contacts.

The new CC system does not have an option to show us the list of contacts. If it is there, I cannot see it. Please show me where it is.


If it is missing, can we have this reinstated please???? (It is very dangerous to upgrade a system and remove functionality in the process. This does not please the user community).


kind regards


Robert Brain (aka Brainy)

When sending out a Newsletter to a new client add on, it no longer shows us how many new clients have been added as we get ready to sent an email, after we click send now. It used to, why was that feature taken away? We are now doing this blind. So if I had inadvertently typed in the wrong address it would always show the number of contacts I was sending out and could correct, now it shows nothing! Not liking this removal