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Resending 'Confirmation Email'

Resending 'Confirmation Email'

It would be great if we could have a button to resend the Constant Contact permission email. I have to keep deleting and re-adding people because they forget, the email goes to spam or they don't want our newsletters and unsubscribe but then don't get our event emails that they sign up for.

Please let us know what to do to get an addressee to confirm their email


Any time again. Re-send the awaiting confirmation of my 62 addresses. Please

Frequent Visitor

I see that this is an issue for others as well. This has become such an issue for us that I might have to leave your platform. 


We have over 60 people waiting to be added to the list and can't. For a variety of reasons they either can't confirm or they simply never received the confirmation email. 


I have tried to add them manually as they have given us EXPRESS permission, but your system is stopping that from happening. As an administrator, I expect to be able to over-ride the system and add them manually.


Please fix this ASAP or we will be moving to another email system

I also have the same problem stated above and I have devoted a significant amount of time trying to get it resolved with no success.  We have lost hundreds of contacts, people who initiated contact with us and want to get our information.  I have started explaining to them that the fault lies with Constant Contact which is not very user friendly.  I can't think that this is the kind of press you want.


I have also found that when I resubmit the individual and press that I have "express permission", it still doesn't work.  Sometimes the member will receive a confirmation email, but when they respond to the instructions, they are still not added.  I would like, as the administrator, to be able to override some of these functions.  I do not know if it is a Comcast issue (because it happens very often with people with a email) or a Constant Contact issue, but this issue has never been resolved to any kind of customer satisfaction.

We are looking at alternate email providers.