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Resending to the Did not Open list

Resending to the Did not Open list

Would be nice to be able to re-send an email to those who are on the DID NOT OPEN part of the report

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Status changed to: New
You can currently save the Did Not Open list as a new contact list for resending for now until we implement a feature like this. Thanks Nichole, please continue to vote for this and any other features you would like to have.
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Right now, you can only resend an email to new contacts, or to recipients on the original email list who did not take the linked survey.  I would like to be able to easily resend an email to those who did not open the original email without harrassing the folks who opened the email but decided they didn't want to complete the survey, for whatever reason.


Right now, as a workaround, I export the list of recipients who opened the original email and do an offline merge/purge with the original email list to remove the folks who opened the email and then upload a file containing the folks who didn't open to a new group in Constant Contact. Then I have to make a copy of the original email and send it to this "new" group."


It should be a lot easier to do than all that.



Status changed to: New

Thanks for sharing this feedback, this is a great idea for the future!

I would love to be able to simply click on "Resend" and then select whom on a list I want to resend to, for example unopened or un-clicked, rather than creating a new email list.
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Not long ago, I had a problem--I lost names from my main list when I created a list that was a subset of my main list. Instead of creating a list of those folks who had not opened an email newsletter, I somehow managed to remove them entirely from the main list. Without realizing this had happened, I deleted the new subset list. Four months later, I realized the error, but that meant the subset list didn't get any newsletters from me until I noticed the problem. 


I eventually saw the problem, and had to go through my history of engagement, and one by one, re-add the contacts I'd lost. It worked, but . . .


If there was a way you could click "resend" and then have the option of not simply resending to new contacts added since the initial email, but sending to those who had not opened the first email, that would be a thing of beauty!


It would be beneficial to have the opportunity to resend an email to only those contacts who did not open the campaign, or to those who previously bounced but were since modified. Don't need to resend to those who already opened.
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How about doing a QuickSend on just the Did Not Open list?

I've never tried that, but would it work?



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It would be a really cool feature to be able to resend a sent email to contacts that did not open it. I've tried running that report and exporting the list, but it doesn't do anything. Doesn't export. And then you have to create a new mailing list in your contacts each time you want to re-send an email to the unopened contacts. So just having a built in option to resend to unopened contacts would be amazing.
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When will you reinstate the ability to update a contact list within an event and resend to only those that have been added. This is key to managing events that have invitations from several individual's lists. Thanks!