Resubscribe Notification

Resubscribe Notification

It would be helpful if an email/notification could be sent to the account holder when a contact has resubscribed.

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Hello @DawnW13.

Thank you for reaching out with this feedback! I will be opening up this idea so other users can vote and comment on this idea as well!

Do you have a preference on how and when you would like to be notified? 

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I would love it if there was an option to be able to pull a report/list on people who have resubscribed again. This would help in aiding us identify who did so and on what day. Thank you!
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Our agency deals with seniors. A New Subscriber Report would be beneficial because seniors unsubscribe and then realize they are not getting our emails then go back in but are not linked to a email group. We have several groups and to offer them a choice can also be a future problem. If we could access a New Subscriber Report we can contact them to find just what they are interested in from our center.

Thank you, your service has been great over the years!