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The Gourleys somehow got unsubscribed. They went through the resubscribe process. But then do not show up on my list of subscribers to E-Vens at Heritage Ranch. When I get their names up, there is no email address attached. When I type in their email address "**Removed By Moderator** I get a warning "You can only have 1 of the same email address for each contact." Please put this couple back on my contact list. Ralph Allison


Hi @RalphA1 

Thanks for posting this feedback. I took a look at this address in the account and it looks like it's am active address that you are emailing. I found this in your account by searching in your account for the email addres. It looks like they are part of the "HR homeowners" list as well as the "Seniors" list. Were you able to get this resolved?

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