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Just PLEASE add a feature that allows us to suppress out people via uploading an excel list so that I don't have to waste my time going in and putting people on hold and taking them off hold (because guess what, I am not doing that because my lists are too large and people are getting multiple emails from me after they have done what I asked and (rightfully so) are getting annoyed with me!


Add an EASY way to suppress out emails for each individual email campaign



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Hi @MUSCPsychEvents what kind of list suppression are you looking for? What steps would you expect to take to do this? Our contacts system is set up to recognize contacts by their email address so duplicate contacts aren't added to your account to stop them from receiving duplicate emails. However if the same contact exists on multiple lists and the account has sent the same email to separate lists this would cause the contact to receive duplicate emails. Does our narrow by tag feature help fit these needs?

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