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Every week I create a new contact list and upload 50,000+ contacts into it. I have to do this in batches due to limits on import file sizes on your end, so this can be a bit tedious.


I've gotten used to the flow but this week something changed. I used to select my list, then select "add contacts", then "upload file", then I'd upload my file. I confirm that the columns match up and confirm that I want to import them into the list I had previously selected.


Today, the behavior changed so that the selected list is no longer selected after uploading the file. So I have to find it and re-select it.


It's no big deal, but I'm already unnecessarily having to break my file up into 3 or more smaller files in order to get around your extremely small file size limits. It would be nice if I could choose the list once and do all the importing instead of having to go all the way back to the main Contacts page and work my way through multiple choices, including having to choose the list name twice.

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Hi @Laridian. Thank you for the feedback. We'll open this idea up for voting. 

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No need to vote. I'm asking to restore the behavior back to what it was before recent changes broke it. If I select a list, then choose the option to add names to that list, then it should add those names to the list, not force me to choose the same list again. That's the way it used to work, and that's the way it should still work. It's a bug report, not a feature request.

Previously, if I went into a list and selected "added contacts", on the final page that list I was in would be selected. I now have to go in and re-select it, which doesn't make sense. Also, not sure how many times I've said to not show me the new contacts message again, but still seeing it every.single.time. :smileyface:
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