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We are in the Commercial Real Estate business. I am sending out 4-5 flyers/brochures a day. I need them to go out automatically, (example) every 9:00 AM or every other Wed. at 12:00 noon. I am trying to keep track of them on my Outlook calendar and then going to Constant Contact to schedule them, It is so confusing and taking so long. I had a new Principal come to me yesterday and saw what I was doing and thought it the most ridiculous way possible. He came from a company where they used. They were all automated. Yes, I know more expensive. Please don't let them take my CC away as it has been such a pleasure working with all your people. Please try to get automated emails in place ASAP. The way you have it set up now is more difficult then on my Outlook Calendar. Thank You

There needs to be a way to set scheduling hours for the e-mails, also I should be able to send an e-mail to additional groups of different days.
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