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I find it frustrating that I cannot search in Contacts for an email by their domain name.


Example: I do the newsletter for a chamber of commerce. I hear that there are counterfeit $100 bills circulating in the area and I wanted to send an email to my local bankers to see what they could tell me. I emailed the manager of Fifth Third Bank, but got an autoreply that said she was out of the office for a week. Then I looked to see if I can find someone else from that bank to ask, so searched for searched for "", but the search turned up no results. Then I searched for the bank's name and found someone. But many people's business names are not listed in the contacts - sometimes just a name and email. 


Why not make this easier for us?


Other than this, I'm quite happy with Constant Contact. I just filled out a survey and gave you all 5's, but forgot about this.


Thank you,

Jim Baumann

Boyne Area Chamber

Boyne City Michigan


Frequent Participant

Never mind! I figured out you can search emails by domain names, but when you search, don't include the @. 

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While you cannot use @ in the basic search, you can either search it without the @ or you can use the Advanced Search like this:


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