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See who is Unsubscribed

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See who is Unsubscribed

When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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I need to have the import reports back so that when I have a contact that could not be imported because they had previously opted out, I need to know which contact that was. I then send them an 'Invite a Friend' request to let them know they need to sign back up. Thanks, Traci
I need to figure out which contacts that I uploaded into a list were unsubscribed. We have many lists in the account, and there are many more unsubscribed than came from my recent import. I need to identify which ones from my most recent upload were unsubscribed so I can contact them. The only way I can do it now is to download the unsubscribe list from the account and compare it against all my excel files that I just uploaded. It would save me a lot of time if I could simply sort it in constant contact and then download it.
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I used to be able to print a report from my upload. It would show the contacts that we are trying to add back in that have opted out. I can't seem to view that list anymore. How do I see the contacts that were denied?
How can I see if they offered a reason to unsubscribe?

Would like ability to delete Export Files to reduce clutter on the page.

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I want to push a button and have the list of names show up that like it used to. Displaying a number of 45 people does nothing for me. Make it a button that populates a list of those people so that I can update my database easily. There are too many steps to figure out a work around compare to the way it was in the past. I like the look of the new website, but the for accessibility to information is too restricted and difficult to pull up.

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With the old version, when I entered emails into the system I was able to immediately see who could not be added and why (unsubscribed). Now it just says i.e. 2 contacts could not be added as they are unsubscribed, but it doesn't give detail about who it was. Now I have to go to my unsubscribed list (huge list) and export them into a spreadsheet (takes up to 15 minutes) and try to figure out who might have unsubscribed since I last added emails. Not convenient at all. Can you bring back the old version??
I see the number of addresses that did not import due to prior unsubscribe status, but I need to know WHICH specific addresses these are. For example, if it shows that "2 contacts were un-subscribed and could not be added to a list" I need specific information on these 2 contacts so I can follow-up and/or update my records accordingly. Finding the 2 contacts without any other information will be like finding a needle in a haystack and extremely time consuming. I'm guessing the system must have identified the 2 addresses in question and should be able to easily supply this information.
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In the old platform, when I added a list of contacts, I could click to "Activity" to see how those list of contacts were added, specifically, the errors/warnings relative to contacts I intended to add. I cannot find where I can retrieve that information; the "Activity" page only reports static data (x duplicates, x attempted opt-out adds...); how can I review the specifics relative to these errors (so that I can update my database, or review if I entered an email incorrectly, etc.) This was a valuable feature for me previously.
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I imported a list and got popup that said there were 2 UNsubscribed. How do I find out who they were?