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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

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I'd like to have access to the activity in Contact management for more than 7 days...
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why can't we just see what emails could not be imported when we add contacts? Why must we download a full list? Your new system has made it harder to eliminate the bad emails.

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When adding multiple contacts, either names and emails or just emails, the resulting message states that one or more contacts could not be added to the selected list. There doesn't seem to be a way, as there was in the previous CC, to click on that message and see the rejected emali(s). Our having that ability to do that allowed us to write to those patrons and encourage them to resubscribe, which some of them did. Not sure why that feature was eliminated, but this serves as a request to please reinstate this item, as it would be greatly appreciated if you did so.
You use to show names that had opted out when entering names why did you get rid of that?
I do not like the changes that you implemented several months ago re: adding new contacts. Previously, if I uploaded contacts from a spread sheet, I would me notified of the contacts that could not be added because they were unsubscribed - now I just get the number of contacts unsubscribed - no details - I must go thru MANUALLY to find them - please fix !!! Thanks
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We used to see the details after an upload of contacts.... Name of the List is most important! Also, would like to see list of email addresses that have errors, so I can fix them in our database.
How do I check on the reasons for unsubscribed? I can find the notice under contacts that 10 people have unsubscribed, but where is the link to the information they provided as to reasons?
Hey! How about allowing the contact management page to have custom views? This way users can add custom fields and then see/sort by them. doesn't make much sense to have a custom field if we can't interact with it, right? :smileyface:
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When uploading new lists there used to be a way to view who the opt-outs were. This feature seems to have been removed with the new update. As a non-profit it is very important to see who isn't receiving our mass emails so we may communicate with them personally. Is there any way to bring this feature back?
When I enter a group of e-mails and one is not accepted, the reason is given but not which e-mail it was. It would be helpful if the incomplete or invalid e-mail was listed. Otherwise, it means double-checking a long list against the entire database.
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Please, Constant Contact, please return to telling us who we were not able to add to a list because they were unsubscribed. I had the number "431" in a bright red box in my Activity list. That's a lot of people! I have no idea who they are and why they failed. I import lists from my membership database and I used to be able to keep on top of my unsubs in my membership database. With the chaos you have introduced, I know longer know if I'm on top of the unsubs and I no longer know who I have to contact by mail. Please tell me when you will return these functions. I am
In the old version of Contacts, when I uploaded a list I was able to see who was rejected because they were on my unsubscribed list. Now it just tells me the number but not who they are.
these parents EXPECT program information from us but because you will not let me know WHO the individuals are who have opted out from a particular new list - I now cannot reach out to them individually to give them the program information!
Why doesn't contact activity show all activity like it used to? The last 7 days is worthless to me if I haven't done a major import in a month or more. I need to know when I last did a big import and now I have no way of finding that data....
We work with many elderly sisters and folks who are not very tech savvy. They forward our emails on to other people, and sometimes that person presses unsubscribe (which then unsubscribes the initial recipient). We then get complaints that they are not receiving our emails, but have no way to check who is unsubscribed when we upload a new list.
You've made it TERRIBLY difficult to determine which specific contacts have unsubscribed and therefore cannot be sent emails through contact contact. How do you expect people to update lists or contact those individuals if we can't even figure out who they are? If I'm missing the easy way to see this, please let me know.
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On the Contacts - Activity - Recent Imports ... I need to see what list I imported INTO. I only see what list I imported FROM. This was available before.
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I need the ablity to view the previously unsubscribed emails in the activity tab.  In the old system, I could click the activity line item and I could see a list of who was previously opted out from that particular upload.  


Now, the only thing I get is a red box with the number of emails that had issues or were opted out.  This isn't useful and I demand that the old functionality be returned! We are considering moving away from Constant Contact because of this.

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We have members that do not renew their membership and thus unsubscribe from our weekly newsletter. A year or two passes and they renew their membership. I add them to our weekly newsletter list. In the past, if they had unsubscribed, I received a notification and could email with my gmail account to let them know how to go to our website to resubscribe. With your new system, I am unable to do this. I just receive a notice that 4 names were not added. Please reinstate the notification of unsubscribed names feature so I can better serve my members. Thank you. Christine Betts, Membership Assistant

I need you to add back the feature that when I import a list it gives me the unsubscribe contact information on the activity report from a list import.


I run a sports league and when a person unsubscribes but then comes back to my leagues at a later date I used to look at the unsubscribe information to let me know if I needed to send an email with the resubscribe instructions. This gave me the ability to communicate with my registrants about the upcoming season.


Please add the feature back so I can run my business properly.



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Recently you guys have removed the contact information on unsubscribing customers. With our business about 20% of those folk due this inadvertently as they want "information" emails not "marketing" emails. Unfortunately, in order to get information emails they have to stay subscribed to all. Now that you've removed the ability to follow up with them and re-subscribe, we can no longer do this and this affects our ability to communicated effectively to the customer.

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How can I get this information?
We take a list of contacts from our line-of-business (LOB) software and export that to Excel and import the Excel list into CC on a monthly basis. We have about 113 contacts that are currently unsubscribed from our list, but still in our LOB software. We need to get our contacts updated locally, in the software.
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When exporting, on your activity page can you please list the name of the export file waiting to download. There is no way to decipher which file is which. Also, I've had big delays trying to export files today, I was told your Server is backed up and could take up to an hour which means I cannot complete my work today since I leave in 1/2 hour and nothing has downloaded yet. Thank you.

In order for us to run our business properly, we need you to include the unsubscribe's contact information on the activity report when we import a list. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing who unsubscribed from our emails, and we have no way to communicate with them. We have a lot of people who unsubscribe without knowing it, and then they never get information about their current season. We need to be able to identify these peope so they can opt back in and receive season info.

I set up a new list and imported a file from my computer. The activity report told me 10 of the contacts were not added to the list because they had unsubscribed. Is there any way to find out which contacts the 10 were? We're a church and when we want to send an email to a specific group of people but then discover out of the 250 or so - 10 did not receive the email, we need to contact them in an alternate way.
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We want the function back: To include the unsubscribe's contact information on the activity report when importing a list in order to run my business properly.

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when I import a list, I get an error message that certain contact could not be uploaded because they opted out .I would like to know who they are. You used to be able to do that and now you can not
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After importing a contact list, I used to be able to see the list of email addresses of those who had opted out of receiving emails from us. I can no longer do that and have to manually export the contact list and compare it to my original list. This is very cumbersome and time consuming. Please add that feature back in. Some of our clients do opt out of receiving general emails from us, but we also have used CC to do some non-marketing emails and so for those who opt out of receiving CC emails, we send a personal note to and having that list readily available is much appreciated.
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Just telling me one email had an issue & wasn't imported into the list does not help me unless you tell me which email didn't import so I can investigate why. Can you guys fix that?
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I added 28 new emails to an existing list of 140. After they imported, I saw that it say "added 20, updated 8." I would have preferred that it ask me or show me the ones it wanted to update so that I may have selected which one to keep and which one to not update.
Hi, when I add contacts from a file, a red square appears saying 10 contacts have unsubscribed, so i can't add them into my email lists. Where do I go to see this list of email addresses which are unsubscribed?
Before this recent change we were able to view who we couldn't add to a new list because they had previously unsubscribed. This was helpful when people asked why they didn't get notified of a new promotion they qualified for. Is there something I am missing as to where to look for this information? Thanks.

I often have people who have unsubscribed for whatever reason, only to sign up anew at our restaurant. These people obviously wish to be back on our list, as this is the only tool I use for advertising and promotions. Since your last change, I no longer have access to their e-mails. Previously I sent them an e-mail, explaining the virtue of you protecting their privacy, and directing them to my web-site if they wished to re-subscribe. I need a legitimate way to advise them of such, and I think it should be incumbent on your part to allow our customers what they want, without giving me carte blanche too add them back. Making them go through the website is legitimate and covers your requirements. Please advise. **Removed By Moderator**

It would be helpful if the contacts that have unsubscribed were shown in a different color or on a different colored field.
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please bring back the e-mail address checker!!!!!
need to see who wasnt added due to them unsubscribing in the past when importing new lists
Message displayed that 2 contacts couldn't be imported because they had unsubscribed. How can I tell which 2 they were without doing a direct name-by-name comparison to my original upload list?
it would be helpful if on the activity tab, it showed who did the activity, eg deletions, or loading or if someone on your backend did something
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When I imported an Excel list of contact emails, I got a message saying that the import had 2 errors — 2 contacts had been unsubscribed and could not be added. Without knowing which two of the contacts they are, I cannot contact them to ask if they had unsubscribed mistakenly. Is it possible to get that information?
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In the Activity section all of the opt out email addresses used to be listed on the screen. I was able to select the data and put it in a spreadsheet for use in cleaning up our owner master file. With the enhancements this feature has disappeared. Please provide a list of the opted out email addresses.
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before you upgraded adding contacts, once the add activity was complete, it would generate a list of the email addresses that were opt outs. Now, all I can see is a red box with a number in it, but no way to get the actual list (unless I do a painstaking compare of our complete contact list and the list(s) I added. With over 50,000 names, that doesn't seem like an efficient way to do it.
I recently added a list of contacts and was notified that 10 could not be added because they had previously unsubscribed. How can I see who those 10 are? Thank you. I need to e-mail them personally as I am only using CC to send a confirmation e-mail to people who participated in a report and the list was too long to do from outlook. These people are waiting to hear from me, but I don't know who the 10 are.
I need to be able to export a list of unsubscribes for auditing purposes. I added a new list of contacts to send out a Privacy notice and have to send a paper notice to those that are unsubscribed. This used to be an option in Constant Contact but it went away. Please bring it back asap!
They should add in activity reports, a column indicating the list that is imported or exported data, especially when exporting bounced would help, because I see how many contacts were exported, but I'm not 100% sure what list is
I often send emails that people who have unsubscribed still would like to receive. For example a customer may want a confirmation email about a program but does not want any promotion emails. This feature allowed me to send confirmation emails through constant contact and manually send an email to those that opted out. Why is this feature no longer available? I would like to request that the feature be added back.
When we upload a list your system indicates the number that can't be uploaded due to unsubscribe (or bad email addresses). You indicate the "bad" email addresses. It would be super helpful to see a list at that point of who unsubscribed so we can delete them from our master list. We LOVE using CC. Thanks!
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Do I have to compare the list with the excel file I imported from? That could be time consuming.
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In the older system you were given the e-mail addresses of people who have opted out when you added new subscribers. That gave you an opportunity to contact them to see if they want to resubscribe. The new system only gives you a number, so these people are now lost forever. I strongly request the feature that gives you the opted-out e-mail be added back in.
When uploading a large list, it would be nice to see which contacts have unsubscribed instread of seeing a red box with a 15 in it. I'd like to be able to go in and mark them in my database.
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