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See who is Unsubscribed

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When importing a list from a file, I see that 6 contacts did not import because they were unsubscribed. How do I know which ones they are?

It would be really helpful to be able to view a contact that can't be added during an import because they previously unsubscribed.
The fact that the system no longer tells you who the people are who you have tried to add but have "opted out" is a major flaw in the UI/System. When you have folks who have expressly asked to subscribe and you try to import a large file just knowing that "X number can't be added due to opted out subscriber" is not useful. This information used to be present in the system before the UI update.
When adding a list and it includes a name of someone who has unsubscribed. It would be helpful to know who that was. I have members who sometimes unsubscribe without realizing they will no longer receive newsletters, etc, and I like to email them to let them know they have unsubscribed and will no longer receive these, but if I don't know who it was I have to sort through my list of unsubscribes to figure out who it was. Granted I SHOULD keep that list clean...but who has time for that. thanks for considering
When attempting to add a contact who previously unsubscribed your system offered the option to see who they were. This was extremely important to us. We would email the individual advising them to go to our website and enroll themselves. Can you reinstate this option? Thank you so very much for allowing this feedback.
I used to be able to access the unsubscribes/errors from a mailing list when it was uploaded. So I would know who didn't get the email that I was sending out. I am now not able to view these records. All I see now is a number of how many on my list didn't receive it, but not why or who. Will this feature be added back in the very near future?
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At some point, an update to Constant Contact lost the option to see the contacts that did not upload. Now it only says that X number didn't upload but you can't determine who those failed uploads are. This is so frustrating for large lists when you don't have the time or resources to go line by line and compare who uploaded and who didn't. Hopefully a solution is coming soon.
I recently uploaded our customer email list and there were 400 import errors. There is no way to print this report and the errors are fixable - we could reach a lot more customers if I could get this corrected. Any ideas?
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I need to fresehn up my own excel list, but cannot do that because do not get out the names of the unsubscribed persons. And it is too time consuming to go through all lists and e-mails sent and check. This is not good. Best regards, Magne Bell
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I do not like your new method of having numbers rather than names on accounts. I am unable to find email addresses in my fund raising program so unless you change back to names I will be sending you email addresses monthly that you say should be deleted.
I click on reports. It shows me 2 new contacts in the upper left in a box. I click on New contacts and it gives me an instructional message and does not show me the 2 new contacts. I look below and it tells me there are 2 new contacts via web-signup form, but there is no place to click. How can I see these 2 new contacts? The user interface leaves lots of room for improvement.
I was given permission to create a group but 3 contacts were listed as unsubscribed and weren't added. I'd like to know the emails so that I don't try to add them in the future. If they've unsubscribed, I want to respect that.
Please add this option to a future version. Thanks!
I consider it vital that we are furnished with the specific data on who has opted out of receiving emails through Constant Contact. I have been using this feature for years to tag these contacts in my client management program so we have the data on who is not receiving the promotions and I also use it to exclude importing those contacts on any future mailers. Again, I consider this vital and I'm very shocked to discover that this feature has been eliminated.
After uploading a new list, it shows how many contacts were removed because they previously unsubscribed, but there is no way to see who these people are. For Example, we uploaded a list to inform members that they needed to take immediate action on something. A handful of unsubscribed contacts were removed from the new list. We still needed to contact them by phone or mail, but there is no way to see who the unsubscribed contacts are, short of cross-referencing lists line by line -- which is not terribly efficient. Would love to see a simple featured added that shows who the unsubscribed contacts are. Thank You!
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When I add contacts from a spreadsheet, after it shows a yellowish bar on top that says "# of contacts were added." Why is that not clickable? I should be able to click that and have a list of contacts appear. Then if I have a few to adjust because they didn't quite fit the mold, I can do that without having to do a search for each email address. Please make that clickable. Thanks!
In the older version of Constant Contact when uploading email lists, it would pop up that an email address was incorrect and allow an opportunity to correct it... now it just shows that there are # of errors...
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I just uploaded a file and the Activity report said one contact was not uploaded because it had been previously removed. There is nothing that offers the name or email of the contact that had been previously removed. How do I determine that?
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Right click, left click, I don't care. I should be able to just click on that crucial information and see it! I'm sure there must be a way to see this, but it's hidden somewhere. So, I never fix this.
It's great knowing there are issues, but you used to show which users, so that we could alter that users information on the system, if needed. Now, you just say here are the problems - specifically an issue with those who have opted out. We can then disable our program from pulling their names, but I don't know who with the current interface. Thanx!
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Sometimes people unsubscribe but then come into the shop and decide they want to be added again. When I add customer I usually wait until I have a list of around 6-10 and then add multiple contacts. After I import each customer and save, the top of the page always tells me '2 new added, 3 updated and 1 cannot be added because they have unsubscribed'. The problem is, I don't know who was the person that had unsubscribed in the the past to resubscribe them. You used to have this feature in the past. Would you consider bringing it back? Thanks.
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You should create a feature that allows you to download the list of unsubscribed contacts after you create a new list. I know you can download the list of all the unsubscribed but I mean just the ones that didn't get added to your newly created list. Like the red box that tells you how many people unsubscribed should have a link to allow you to export that specific number of contacts so you know who didn't get added to that list.

We have a customer relationship management system that prompts our customers to be added to our email newsletter list, write a review, etc. but if our customers were already a part of our email contact list first, and have previously unsubscribed from our email list, we need to be able to remove them from our CRM list at the store too so we don't bother them.  Please add the capability to see which emails had already been rejected; it would help our process greatly!  Thank you!

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When I upload a list of contacts, I went to the activity page to see "this job had 1 issue: one contact was un-subscribed and could not be added to a list" but I'm unable to click into this to see which contact this is. It would save a lot of time to see this right away vs. having to go into the unsubscribed list and cross reference. In the long run, it would lessen the "bad" contacts as I'd be able to go into my personal database and make sure these contacts weren't uploaded again in a short amount of time. Since I have to cross reference, I won't look into it now because it will take too much time. Therefore, the "bad" contacts will keep being uploaded. Thanks.
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I can see that some of my contacts did not upload due to errors. But I cannot tell where the error are so I can fix them. You used to have that feature, what happened?
I just added two new contact lists and discovered 14 people are unsubscribed (according to Contacts: Activity) red buttons. I just phoned support and understand there is no way to find out the names of those 14 people without cross checking them against my unsubscribe list, which is over 1K. Please think about letting us know the names of unsubscribes so we can contact them directly. Thank you!
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Exporting errors would be very helpful when you have 167 errors.
I recently added 200+ contacts by importing an xls but CC showed an alert that 3 of the contacts were not added because they had previously unsubscribed. All I wanted to know was which three addresses/people didn't make it into the group I just created so I could see if it was something I needed to deal with. But alas, you all have no way of doing that. Wouldn't it be nice to just have a dropdown or a window or a link to a window that shows us the "Issues"/conflicts with our import? Please please think of developing this soon. Thank you.
Described above.
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Last week we added the ability to get a file of the contacts you're trying to add that previously unsubscribed. Any contact adds you do (like from a file upload) from 9/23/15 onwards that had previous unsubscribes will have a link on the Contacts > Activity page to see the exact email addresses that were already unsubscribed.


Jennifer Bubriski

Group Product Manager, Contact Management

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So all of these squestions about opt-out lists are great but WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS????

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