Segmentation Does Not Mean Create Another List!!!

This seems like a pretty obvious "idea" that needs to be implemented. Segmentation logic really needs to be addressed in your system. Mailchimp is light years ahead of what yours currently offers, not only should you be able to segment based on excluding tags, but also profile fields and engagements as well such as opens, clicks etc...


Say I want to re-send an email to everyone that didn't open the previous email, right now it's a very very conveluted process of creating a new list based on what is in the report, but that could change while it's scheduled. Someone can open the email an hour before the new email is sent, in theory they would recieve the email again unless I create the list and don't schedule it and just send it right away.


The Constant Contact way seems to be creating a new list for just about every campaign, advanced segmentation logic would really simplify the need for creating new list all the time and would increase your customers time efficiency.

Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

We've implemented the ability to automatically send an email to who has not opened:

We've also implemented the ability to send to Segments:


There is more work coming surround Segments but this should resolve for this specific scenario. If there's any additional request being asked for, please create a new post.

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