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It used to be in Constant Contact (Pre 10/01/2020) that you could select individual fields for export when exporting lists to .csv files.  However with the new "update" to the user interface, the individual custom fields can no longer be selected for export.  It's now replaced with one one box to export all of the custom fields.  


Why this was changed in the new user interface is beyond me.  Now when exporting all custom fields I have extra steps to perform, removing unnecessary columns, when reporting the data within our company's records.  


Please allow us to select individual custom fields for export again.  This feature was already in Constant Contact before, but now it's not.  That's not a good sign when an "update" takes away more than it adds. 

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Hi @Troemner thank you for sharing this feedback with us! We can understand how helpful it would be to select individual custom fields when exporting your contacts. We have opened this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.


Yes, this would be very helpful! I use ID numbers to import interactions into our CRM, and I would be very grateful if I could export these ID numbers along with the rest of the contact information. Not sure why the option to select which custom fields you want exported was removed?

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