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Select contact on page

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How can you select all 50 contacts on the page without clicking each one or all 2000?

New Member
Add feature to select all contacts on a SINGLE page (say 50 contacts) and add these contacts to a new list. This will allow an easier method of parsing a large list into several smaller lists.
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I wish you could select all on a page and not default only to select all in the group.
Occasional Contributor
The select box at the top of the menu bar for contacts, either selects all when checked or none. I would suggest that the ability to select only the page or list being shown be added. If I wanted to delete some contacts for example, I have to check each one individually otherwise I delete everything, all contacts. Seems like an oversight that should of been caught and rectified already.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

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Thanks for posting this feedback!

I am moving contacts between lists, and it's making a ton of extra work (clicks) not to be able to select all the items on a page, but only on that page (and not on the whole list)....Am I missing something?
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At the bottom of the Contacts Management page there's a place to move to the next or last page. It would be nice to have more page options here, to access pages 3-4 without waiting to pass through page 2 & 3. Also, it'd be nice to have this feature at the top of the page also.
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