Show existing lists while viewing contacts

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I found it helpful to have the full listing of contact lists along the left side of the screen... that option is now gone... Could we bring it back? It helped me switch more readily back and forth between different lists.

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Hi @Ecoscape thanks for sharing this feedback! How does our list tab in the Contacts section not fir your needs so see the full listing of your contact lists?



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Hi! Previously I could see the lists on the left side of the screen and the contacts contained in the selected list on the right side of the screen.  It was easy to switch back and forth between lists to look for a specific client.  For example:  is Bobby Sue on the Plow list and the Irrigation list?  I could switch back and forth between the lists quickly to scan for her name.  The current set up is OK, it just requires far more clicks to get to the info.  Efficiency is everything at my desk... so much to do :smileyface:

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Hi @Ecoscape thanks for sharing this example! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in on this as well. In the meantime, searching for a specific client on multiple lists, does the list section of your specific contact details not fit your needs of seeing all the lists they're apart of at once?

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