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I was going to start my own thread but maybe my idea/complaint/thoughts belong in this thread. Why why why can a person not easily unsubscribe from one of my lists, but stay subscribed to others?


My organization has many lists, some are for public purposes, others are not. As it stands now, if I want any one person to be able to unsubscribe from one list, that list has to be visible by all people who might use our "Update Your Profile" screen. But if John Smith from Finance wants to unsubscribe from a list that is not publicized, the only way for him to do it is to unsubscribe to all my lists, and then I can't add him to any new lists.


It seems it would be very simple for there to be an "Unsubscribe Options" or "My Subscriptions" link on the unsubscribe link that says, "Here are the lists you are subscribed to. Uncheck the ones you no longer wish to receive", and voila, easy as pie. But with your current system it's not possible as far as I can tell. They can only manage their subscriptions to whatever lists I have decided to add to the Update Your Profile screen, which is the same for everyone.

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Hi @HCOEcommunications  at this time when customizing the update profile form, the contact lists you select will also show on a contact's unsubscribe form. What about this process does not fit what you may need? Are you looking for the lists shown when unsubscribing to be customized for each individual contact? 

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Well, as I said, many of my lists are not lists I want just anyone to be able to subscribe to. As far as I can tell, if I add a list to my "Update Your Profile" form, it is there for all people, and anyone can select or unselect that list.


But since I don't want any old person to be able to subscribe to, say, "Private List 1", I don't add that list to the form. That creates a problem because if John Smith from Finance wants to unsubscribe from Private List 1, his only choice would to unsubscribe from all lists.


Unless I am missing something, I have verified that this is the case using my personal email address, which is one of the contacts in our organization account. My personal address is subscribed to three lists, two public ones and one private one. When I click "Unsubscribe" I can unsubscribe from ALL, or I can unsubscribe from any of the ones listed on the unsubscribe page. But I cannot choose to only unsubscribe from the list we want to keep private, as it is not listed in the form.

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So I guess to answer your question, yes, I'd like the list to be customized for each contact. It could show all the other public lists I have added, but it should also allow unsubscribing from lists the contact is subscribed to but are not on the form.

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Hi @HCOEcommunications thank you for responding with these details! While this feature is not currently available, we think it's a great feature request and will open this so other users can weigh in.

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Hi Frankie, 


Is there an update for this feature at all? It would be fab if this is something you could implement? 

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