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Please add tags to sign up forms!!!!  And/or send a notification whenever a sign up form is completed - in every instance - whether the user is a new or existing customer.

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Hi @PatriciaH8969 thanks for sharing htis feedback with us! What are some cases where you would like to see tags available on your sign-up forms? As for receiving a notification for every new sign-up or update, the good news is this is a feature request we're currently collecting feedback on. In fact we recommend sharing your need for this feature on its feedback thread. The more requests a thread like this receives the higher of a priority it can be given by our Product Team.

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Frankie_P,  your attention to my concerns is so appreciated.  I need to create multiple unique sign up forms for a variety of free workshops and classes that are continuously announced on my website.  Here is an example:   The "behind the scene" tags would be a simple way for me to discern who signed up for what :smileyface: and thus serve my clients efficiently.  Both new and existing subscribers frequently sign up for multiple free events.  Right now I'm using another service, because their sign up form includes tags (AWeber), but would SO prefer a smoother function, a uniform look and 100% Constant Contact presence on my website.  (And yes, notifications for every sign up or update are crucial, with or without tags.  I will add my vote to that request.)

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