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Signup tools for private lists

We have a lot of lists so I like the signup forms feature because it allows me to create a simple form with one or two list options for people to choose, but I want to create a signup form that allows users to sign up to be on lists that I don't publish on my website. The tool will only allow me to offer the option of signing up on a private list if I include a public list on the form. I don't see the business logic in that. One of our subscribers to the private list unsubscribed and then sent me an email asking to resubscribe. Unless I can use a custom signup form like this I have to ask her to sign up for one of our public lists, and then go in and add her to the private list. That's inconvenient to say the least. Thanks

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Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. I have marked this as "Vote if you agree" so that others who share the same ideas can vote for this as well.



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