Simple needs not met by system enhancements

It's difficult to add a contact in the desire category, hard to find a contact and hard to find email bounces. I don't like the new look. Thank you!
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Hi Evangelina,

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that this is causing you trouble. To add a contact to a list, a key to remember in this new system is that you always have to assign a list during the process of adding the contact. You want to make sure to set the Permission to Send and then that will give you the opportunity to select the list to add them to. This needs to be done each time you are bringing in new contacts.



To find email bounces, you want to do so through Email > Reports. You then want to scroll down to the email that you want to see the bounce report for and then click on the linked number in blue. This will bring you to the bounce report for this particular email.




As for finding a contact, would you mind elaborating on the trouble you are having with this? Are you having trouble with the search field that is available to type into? Thanks again for your feedback.

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I would like to click on " getting to the next page" at the top too!
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