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Slow while adding contacts

Slow while adding contacts

take very long to add a contact. buffers forever!!!!

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Teh system kept 'hanging up' and not adding the name. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to add a single name.
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Hi Todd,

I'm sorry to hear about this frustration. Can you tell me more about where it was hanging up? Were you adding a specific contact or importing a file? Did you notice that it was getting stuck on a specific screen every time?Also, what browser are you working in?


There are a couple of ways you can add a single contact depending on how much information you want to add with them. We've got an FAQ on this if you would like to check it out.


Thanks for your help.

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This is not an improvement!
So frustrating!
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I am sorry for the trouble you are having adding contacts. What seems to be the issue? Are they going into the system but not getting added to a list? Do you get an error message when you try and add them? Any information you can supply will be helpful in correctly troubleshooting your issue.
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The new contact section is terrible. Please switch it back immediately. I will probably be looking for another service. Took more than double the time to get it to work.
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Hi David, Thank you for posting. I'm sorry to hear that you are finding the new contacts system unfavorable. Was there anything specific that seems to be taking longer or not working the way it previously did? I'd be happy to help answer any questions or concerns with more information. We would love to hear any feedback you have that we can hope to look into and make changes for accordingly.
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This absolutely needs to be fixed ASAP or we'll need to find an alternative email solution provider.
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go back to the previous method, easy copy and past, no copying and pasting to a word doc, then to the contact list......
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MicheleL309 - What type of information are you entering when adding contacts? If you're entering only first name, last name and email address, you can still copy and paste that information in one step. To do this, make sure the place you're copying from has each contact either on a separate line and has the information ordered as first last email. For example: Jane Doe Chris Lee Sam Click the Add Contacts button and choose Add names and emails. Paste in your copied contacts and continue. You can then add all those contacts to one or more lists and tag them if you wish. Hope this information helps. If not, could you let me know in general what type of information you usually add for your contacts and what type of program or file you usually copy and paste from? Jennifer Bubriski Group Product Manager, Contacts