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Slow while adding contacts

Slow while adding contacts

take very long to add a contact. buffers forever!!!!

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While we're on the subject, Export is slow too. 


Took 1 hr, 20 min to export a "Did Not Open" report for one email campaign. (43500 contacts)


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Thank you. We are aware that those that have larger lists are experiencing slowness in their accounts. This is something that our team is working on.

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Just my opinion and  after reading  many of these posts here, since the new system was deployed things did get slow in most areas, I'm not sure if its code or architecture deficiency ( CTCT does know).


I'm unclear if you are talking about multi lists in your account or one.  Remember,  you are not only uploading a large amount of data but you are asking the host to do a line by line compare of your 12k records to check for duplicates. I have to believe that its creaming the already challenged system.


Have you considered the development of and running a macro on your side to remove the duplicate entries prior to uploading them all. This way you can use YOUR horsepower to do it and simply require  CTCT  to only deal with none duplicates?


You may have to do some housekeeping in order to help your self get this more managable.


Tony Schaefer
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Thank you for the replies. The upload was to one list, our primary mailing list. 


I wouldn't know how to do what you're describing, but I'm sure I would have to export my existing list in order to do the comparison, and the export time is more than triple the import time. 


This is not a new issue for CC with large lists. There was a period about a year ago where we could not search our list, it timed out every single search and I was told that was due to list size as well. 


CC charges a premium for large lists, and recently forced all accounts over a certain size into an even higher tier pricing (with additional services that were not requested and that we have never used before or since). Efficiency should be a priority investment given the increased revenue. 


I have another client with a list less than 10% the size of my primary account, and list uploads are taking significantly longer for the smaller account as well. There is definitely a large scale problem. 

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Hi, Adding contacts by copy/paste resultes in an endless turning timer - the only way to proceed is to wait 'a while' and eventually close the page. This is with Firefox latest version etc. etc. The contacts may have been added, but the process does not terminate on its own and it is hard to know just how long to wait before closing the page and losing the work. In any case navigating your site is slow compared to other sites we access. Thanks.
Every time I add a contact to a list the spinning wheel appears and the black bakground forever?
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Waiting over 30 minutes for a list export?! Yes, I hit refresh.
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Waiting nearly an hour for export and import activity to be completed. Much too long. Yes, I hit refresh.
it's taking so long when saving. when you refresh, the contact you saved wasn't saved at all!
Please fix the slowness in adding and removing contact!