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Software Design Error

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Software Design Error

When you import Web Site URLs from a spreadsheet, you are given one choice, Website - Other and instead of creating a new Website - Other entry it overwrites existing information. It appears when importing from a spreadsheet into LinkedIn social media it creates another LinkedIn field and does not overwrite the existing information. If this is true, it seems a simple fix to do the same for Web Sites and it is a SW defect that needs immediate correction.
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In the case of Website, give the field choices of Website - Other, Website - Work and Website - Blog. If it does not overwrite and creates a new field, as it appears to do with LinkedIn, you are going to end up with a bunch of duplicates.

HI @GeorgeV403 

I am sorry for the confusion this caused. I tested it out and even the Linkedin Profile overwrites as long as the contact is the same. It will overright the existing information as long as the same contact is being imported again. It will match first & last name, or email address to determine if its new.

Are you choosing to update or add a new contact?

Status changed to: Functioning as designed
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