Some recent changes good, others bad

The Good:  regarding contact lists:  my understanding is that it's now possible to have multiple names associated with a single email address. Haven't had a chance to test this out yet, but if this is true, this is a great improvement for organizations like ours, which is a school.  Our list is set up by chld name, and for families with more than one child, it helps that each child can be listed and recognized separately.


I also like the way you provide a file to check for possible duplicates, but have the option to keep both.


I like the new tag system.  I see great potential for our organization.


The Bad:  You can't read the date of subscription online.


More Changes I'd like to see:  When I upload my excel file, I wish MY custom contact info lists were in the order I set in the drop down menu that is used to choose which info is to be uploaded.  Right now, it's time-consuming to have to scroll through all the generic each time to get to mine.  Also, when I export the same list to my computer, I wish they downloaded to the same order of information as they did when I uploaded them.  At each download I have to spend the time to reorganize the columns to match my files before I can work with it.




The VERY Bad:  It no longer recognizes my order for lists on our form.  This is VERY unfortunate.  NUMEROUS TIMES I have tried to reset the order of my lists for the form, but your system just changes it back to a completely nonsensical order.  Very Frustrating.  


The VERY Bad:  You've taken away ability to have a default list that all subscribers drop into, regardless of any other list they choose to be in.  This is extremely valuable to be able to maintain the integrity of our excel files in relation to the information being captured via CC.  Please return this!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Ann,

I am glad to hear there are so many things you like, we listened to what we being requested by customers and included those features in this update. We would love to hear more about how you are using tags! Thanks for the feedback about the sign up date of the contact and the list order. We are taking in all the feedback we receive here in order to have future updates made.


Currently the order of the list is alphabetical so a workaround would be to rename the lists you wanted to show at the top. I know this is no ideal but it has worked for some other users.


Although there is not a default option for the sign up form, you can still control what list the contacts are saved into. If you wanted all the contacts from your form to go into one list, you will just want to make sure this is the only list showing on the sign up form. The contact will not get an option to choose a list.


Thanks again for your feedback. Please continue to vote on any ideas you would like to see implemented in the future.

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Hi Hanna.  I'm very disappointed in your response.  


FIRST: I beg to differ that the list is alphabetical.  It is NOT.  My list is currently by grades.  The list right now begins with 3rd grade.  Please explain how 3rd grade is alphabetically first in an order that includes 1st grade, 2nd grade, etc.  Also, it is absurd to take away our ability to order our lists as we want.  For my purposes, I want it ordered by the order of classes, which means that pre-K and Kindergarten really NEED to be the first two lists, followed byt 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.  Why would you change something that gave us control?  This is a BIG DEAL!


SECOND:  The purpose of this program for our organization is to make the subscriber responsible to choose the lists that apply to their family.  The default list was a great way to ALSO keep track of new/revised listings for the purpose of maintaining the integrity of our excel files without having to constantly download the files from CC.  Remember I mentioned that downloading the files come out completely out of the order of the original file that was uploaded, creating much more work.  

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I just went on again to clarify the list issues, and lo and behold, it appears you have fixed the problem!!!!  It looks like the systen accepted my order changes AND for the first time in a couple of months it accepted my default file choice.  Don't know if the default is actually working, but looks promising.

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Hi Ann,


Thanks for clarifying, I apologize for the frustration. Unfortunately at this time the order of lists on the Contacts tab cannot be changed and will remain in alphabetical order. However, it sounds like you might be looking to change the order of the lists on your sign up from. These can be re-ordered by clicking the Contacts tab >"Sign Up Tools">1. Get More Contacts. From here, please click on the customize my form button and then on the lists section on the left.  In this screen you can then change the order of the lists only on your form and not in your contacts tab.  You can change it by setting up the numbers to the order you desire to the right of the lists.  I hope this helps!

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Hi. Yes I already am aware of hoit it used to work. But it doesnt work that way anymore. I have called CC antithe tech dept is aware of the problem and trying to figure out a fix. 



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