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I find it frustrating that you can capture fields when clients sign up but then not be able to sort by any custom fields when sending emails. For instance Gender is an obvious one. You must either create a list OR tag each contact you cant send to only Males.


We have "levels" of clients, and when someone signs up through our website as a Level X Female I am unable to use this information when sending mailshots to Level X Females. I must first Tag this contact manually. CC offered a solution to export the whole contact list then reimport and add custom field as a tag but very clunky.


We have levels as tags and as you found when you import tags via files they add the tags but do not overwrite them. again very frustrating


Also found that if you have a spreadsheet with columns you can import a column as a tag BUT only one column at a time, no way to import multiple tags at once. 


Tags in theory sound good but arent that easy to maintain...


Thanks for posting this feedback. One thing I want to clarify, you said: "create a list OR tag each contact you cant send to only Males".


If "Malles" was a tag you could narrow down your list and send to only these contacts. You're right that you must tag them manually as Tags are internal only. Have you tried setting up your signup list  so that you have multiple lists displayed? This would require the contact to put themselves in the appropriate list during the sign up process. If needed, you would be able to select all and tag them from that list.


You can only add one tag at a time as part of your file but during the import you can add others. This only works if all the contacts you are importing are tagged with the same tags though.

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Thanks again!

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