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When people on our lists receive an email and they would like to update their profile or receive mailings in certain categories, they first have to click on the link in the footer of the email, then go to another browser tab, submit a request to update form, they then have to check their email and after waiting to receive it, then they have to click that email and then fill out the actual form that they would use to update their profile. We've actually gotten some complaints about how this process is long and is confusing. This is a bit concerning because like most organizations, we have to be concerned with the type and number of communications that our constituents receive. The more steps there are, the more likely they are going to be to unsubscribe all together. Isn't there a way to have people when they click on the Update Profile/Email Address in the footer of the email link to the update form directly in a new tab, or better yet, just a pop-form? If there is a way to fix this is would be most appreciated. Thanks!
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Thanks for sharing this feedback. There isn't a way to streamline this process right now and we have to be sure that the person doing the updating is the original recipient (which is why we send the email to trigger the updates). This is a great idea for the future though so thanks for sharing!

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