Subscriber Notice - UNSUBSCRIBED

Subscriber Notice - UNSUBSCRIBED

The weekly notice re un-subscribers is very useful to us to follow up with our email recipients; but this report would be even more valuable (and time-saving) if it also included the 'Reason' for the unsubscribe action. I'm finding the only way to discern the reason, which is inefficient and time-consuming is to: 1- sift through our many weekly campaigns to view the un-subscribers per campaign, 2- to match the name on the weekly report (while seeing other names already reviewed from earlier reports), 3 -to learn the reason for the unsubscribe action. Your consideration of this feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your services.
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Seems like the most sensible place to include the information.


The email specifically states:

"Your contacts are on the move! Here’s a quick update to see what they’ve been doing:"


Unsubscribe Date: included
Contact Email Address: included

First Name: included

Last Name: included

Company Name: included

Unsubscribe Reason: missing


It appears many of the ideas are multi-faceted and therefore never get any progress.


Time for us to make things as simple as possible for the devs and maybe we can improve things step by step.

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