Suggestion: When Blocked Email addresses Re-Subscribe they should get an alert

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Is there a way to add an error message or some kind of notice when someone signs up for our email list, via a CTCT form, if they are already listed as being "blocked" in our CTCT database?  Something like "thanks for signing up, but your email server is currently blocking our messages. Please contact your email administrator to unblock our messages, or sign up with a different email address"


Background: We have several of our contacts who don't receive our messages because their office (on THEIR end) has blocked ALL messages from Constant Contact servers.  Of course, CTCT does not have the capability to assign us a static IP to send from, then this would not be a problem. But, anyway, this office hates getting SPAM so much from other people who use CTCT, they have decided to block ALL CTCT messages, so ours are inevitably blocked. 

We would like to encourage these people to sign up with a different email address (i.e. a personal gmail account, etc.), but they won't if they don't know that their office email is being blocked.


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Hi @Marisa_M thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We can understand how important it is for your contacts to not only sign up for your listing, but to receive your emails as well. Because of this we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well. We have also submitted your feedback on this directly to our Product Team.

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