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I currently ARCHIVE my event marketing emails. I then publish banner ads in online publications that link to my Archived Constant Contact Event Email where the readers can more information. I like my CC pieces better than what I can do on my website:) Because I update my emails as new speakers and event details develop, the links on the banner ads (publications run them over a period of time) eventually lead to outdated information. In a perfect world, I would be able to RETAIN THE SAME URL, but swap out an updated CC email piece in its place, so the banner ads would automatically link to the most updated piece of information. You can keep a static url on a website. It would be so cool, if I could do the same for certain events on constant contact. Just a thought. BTW--your customer service is exquisite!!! You deserve to be America's number 1 most customer service driven company. I am always amazed at the help I receive when I call.
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