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Suggestion for Custom Fields

A brief breakdown of what we actually need, that is not provided by Constant Contact:


  • Ability to edit the dropdown list of Countries. We only need one, perhaps up to 4.
  • Ability to edit the dropdown list of States. US states are not valid for our purposes.
  • Ability to set default values i.e. if a customer does not change the City, the contact will save with a default that we set.
  • Ability to assign a radio button for a mandatory yes or no response.
  • Ability to restrict the number of check boxes i.e. a choice of 10 options but you can only choose 3

Reasons for this are that we like to export our lists and review them, and perhaps use for a mail merge or other contact management uses. We like all of the fields to be complete. Even if they are made mandatory, field entries may be mispelled, or use lower-case letters etc. Since the vast majority of our (accepted) list members are from the same city, country and in our case, island, we would like these to be completed by default, and only changed if they need to. People always rush thru these things.


I am 100% sure that 100% of Constant Contact customers are not US-based. Not only that, but customised dropdown list values, check boxes, radio buttons etc should be standard. #justsaying

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Status changed to: New

Thanks for sharing this feedback!

Occasional Participant

Agree! Not having the ability to create select lists or other standardized field entries severely hampers the ability to properly segment a database. This should be database 101. 

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