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Since the Contact module offers a field for a phone number, it's logical that the next step is offering a tool (combo of the Email module and Social Campaigns module) to allow texting coupons/offers to contacts. This tool would be invaluable for MANY of our clients and would exponentially increase our use of our Constant Contact account on behalf of our clients and our two businesses as well. Case in point - I get a text coupon fro JoAnn's Fabrics about every 5 days, and I use it them once or twice per month. I get coupons/offers from Bath & Body Works in Email as often, but forget to print the coupon, and I don't have Email on my phone. If 80% of the wealth is held by those 65+ and most are not on SmartPhones...texting coupons to all types of phones is VERY smart business. How does JoAnn's do it? CC should definitely offer this service! Please reply re: a timeframe for offering this service to

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Hi @ScottF129

This isn't something I have a timeframe for but thanks for posting! Our product teams do look at this area to get ideas for future developments.


Thanks again!

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