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Tagging of unsubscribed email addresses

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When I upload a list to an existing list and simply tag those emails to identify them as the email list, if there are emails that are already on the unsubscribe list, they are still tagged. this creates a problem because I need to identify which emails were unsubscribed so that I can flag them in my core system to prevent them from being uploaded. When I upload a new list for an email, I can pull down a list and match it against my uploaded list to find those unsubscribes. With the Tags that doesn't work, you have to export the list and then look at the Lists they belong to and find the Blank email lists. I guess perhaps this might be easier to find them in some ways; however, it would just be better if you could let us quickly view which emails didn't upload because they were unsubscribed when uploading a list. Thyis used to be available prior to the 2013 upgrade. Let's get it back. It's very useful to have that info and a hassle the way you have it set up currently which wastes time having to go through extra steps to cull that data out.
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