Tally marks on the Bounced Email page would help us know which ones to delete out of our huge list.

I like to correct any email addresses that were written incorrectly by our clients to see if they will go through the next time we use our huge contact list, but then I don't know which ones did or didn't go through. If there was some kind of tally system in the Bounced Emails page to show how many times that email has bounced it would really help to know for sure which emails to get rid of, whether or not we've tried to correct their email address. Thanks, Amy Jo

Thank you for supplying your feedback to us. It is very important, and we highly value your opinion.


I wanted to pass along information on how to view the engagement activity of a contact.  When viewing this activity it will show you how many times a customer has bounced however, you have to click in to each contact's profile to view this information.


View contact activity and engagement


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