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You send the Hints & Tips Newsletter to me and it is totally worthless because you use the stupid gray text… you do that in so many of your templates and I do not understand it. Do you not realize that if someone has any kind of vision problem they cannot read this? You are adding a challenge to getting your message read to any vision-impaired receivers—and with our older population (me included) that means most of us! In addition to that if I am outside or in an area that has a lot of glare, you can just forget the text, vision issues or not. You/Constant Contact is not the only one who does this. I do not understand everyone’s love affair with gray text. I strongly recommend and request that you would change your text to black or almost-black. I am no longer going to struggle to read messages and/or newsletters from you. Just keeps getting better... Even the feedback is in gray--the only reason I can read it is because I wrote it in Word and copied over to your Feedback box..
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Thanks for posting this feedback! I am sorry that you have experienced frustration with this but we appreciate the ideas for the future!

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