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Text to join

Text to join

Being able to utilize text to join for multiple campaigns would be extremly useful for many business owners.

At this time, it is only possible to have (1) text to join set up.


As a real estate company we have multiple contact lists and multiple marketing campaigns.

We would love to utilize this tool for our recruiting lists as well as our consumer lists.



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We have different email lists for different projects in constant contact and it would be great if we could use a separate text to join for each one. We often have 30 active projects at one time, each with their own list.
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Thanks for posting this feedback, @AnneB9


Does anyone know of any work arounds for this? I have the same problem.


HI @toddl2

Uunfortunately at this time there is only one keyword per account but please continue to vote on and share any ideas you have for the future! 

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We would then be able to have a text to join sign up for each of the contact lists.
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I would like to be able to run more than one Text to Join list at a time. We run more than one meeting during the day and I would like to be able to have the Text to Join option specific to each meeting and associated contact list. Thank you Cindy Andrews, City of Gig Harbor
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Thanks for posting!

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It would be nice if the number of Characters will be more than the amount given to make a more informative Sign.