The Contact Management Form Needs Improvement

When I send out an e-mail to update a contact, the information on the recipients end should mirror the information collectible on my data management end. I was surprised to find that there is only ONE phone number that is not labeled available for my contacts to personally update. How will/does this override my current Work, Cell, Home phone numbers already stored? Please update this feature so that both sides mirror each other and the data can easily be collected and updated without adding a custom field. The contact information is not custom on my end, thus is should not need to be customized on the user update/sign up end. Thank you.
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I'd like it if people can check a box to identify themselves while signing up for the list - for example -


I am interested in: [ ]classes, [ ]art opportunities, [ ]volunteering, [ ]events


This way they are auto-tagged and don't get blasts that they didn't sign up for. There is still some manual tagging we'd have to do but this would help. We would make one "sign up" page that users are funneled to from everywhere to simplify our lives, rather than making a lot of different sign-up pages. 

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