The New Bounce Reports Are Horrible

The new bounce reports are awful. When you export the bounces, the report no longer has a column to tell you what type of bounce category. Also, you no longer can select various types of bounce types and then delete them all at one time. The new Bounce Options are slow and horrible - no improvements here but a great, big giant step backwards. Bring back the old way!

Dear Lisa (I hope I have your first name correct),

I apologize that your recent experience has been awful. At the same time, I thank you for taking your time to write your feedback.

My name is Darshan and I am one of the Product Managers here at Constant Contact.

Issue 1: Yes, the report no longer has the bounce category column. We will definitely consider adding it.

Issue 2: Yes, you are able to select various and all types of bounces and delete them one or all at one time. Please select "All bounce types" in the Display dropdown in the Gray header bar in the Bounced Report. You can then select one or more or all emails and then Click on "Remove Emails" in the Gray header bar to achieve your goal.

Issue 3: Regarding the slowness of the Bounce options, I want to make sure I understand your issue correctly. Can you please elaborate?

I understand that changes can be challenging at times, but in the long run, we are confident they will provide more value than the older reports. We are here to help you.

I periodically communicate to my group of valued customers where I gather their feedback. Please let me know if you would like me to add you to that group.

Look forward to your response.

Best Regards
Darshan Gadkari
Product Manager
Constant Contact

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The slowness was corrected and works fine today.  On that day, I couldn't select a whole group of contacts and delete.  It only let me delete the first page.


Yes.  Please add me to your list.


When you export the bounced addresses from an email campaign, the export you get does not have a field for Bounced Category. That is important information we need to know.
Typing and scrolling are extremely laggy and take forever to show up. It is noticeably worse the further into the list you go. I believe this to be caused by not actually opening a new page, but just adding more information to the current one.
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