This is awful... why cant I just add a bunch of existing contact to a list? I have to do it 1 by 1?

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It is very annoying. It seems like a really simple UX issue to solve. I login... I create a new list... I click a bunch of contacts and move them into it.

Hello @BrandonC367,


I'm sorry about any frustration caused by that process. You are correct in that you can either move them 1 by 1 or select all, which may not be what you're looking to do. I appreciate you leaving this feedback for us.

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Hi @BrandonC367! Would you be able to describe what you're looking for in more detail?


Currently, you can move contacts to a new list in three different ways after creating a list:


  1. Access an individual contact's profile and add a list under the Email section
  2. Select multiple contacts as a group under Contact Management using the checkbox next to each one and selecting Manage Lists->Add to Lists and selecting your new list from the popup
  3. Selecting all contacts in the Contact Management view and selecting Manage Lists->Add to Lists
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Something like Facebook's invite friends to an event feature. Except it would say add contacts to a list. 


You start typing their name and it pops them up instantly. This would allow you to make lists of your people super fast and efficiently. 


Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 5.34.17 PM.png

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