This new beta version...

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This new beta version...

...Sucks. It was MUCH EASIER in the previous version to search for an individual entry, see what they've been sent, edit what Lists they are on. CHANGE IT BACK.
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Hi @TaiChiFoundation. Could you explain more about what was easier? Are you having trouble searching for a contact or making changes to their profile? Any additional information would be helpful so we can track this properly. 

In a previous CC version, I clicked on "Contacts" and near the top-left of the resulting screen I could type in a name or email address, and their record(s) would appear. In the current version, it seems all I can search for is a LIST, not an individual contact.


Then when I finally get an individual's record, in the previous version I had their contact info AND a record of emails sent to them/opened by them all on the same screen. Now those are separated onto different screens.


Who thought this would be a change to make it more user-friendly??



Thank you for clarifying @TaiChiFoundation. You can search for an individual contact by following the steps outlined here (you will need to select the Contacts header next to Segments) and selecting the appropriate criteria (First Name, Email Address, etc). 


In order to see engagement, you will click on the Engagement tab. Would you prefer to have all of the contact information under the Details tab?